Nouvelle vie, Pavement, and Coconut Body Wash

Saturday, January 16, 2010 § 5

I moved to the Dominican Republic
I had no idea what was in store
Sweltering heat, salty water
Stray dogs
Palm trees, broken asphalt
I smelled avocados and rice
Beans and meat
Unbelievable heat
After a long day of traveling
I took a shower with coconut body wash
So relaxing
Craving for an avocado salad, I ate a mango

Here's to new adventures-
Signing off,

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§ 5 Response to “Nouvelle vie, Pavement, and Coconut Body Wash”

  • Love the photo! Great poem. I kind of feel like I was there. :)

  • Anonymous says:

    I agree with Jennifer Fabulous, the poem is incredibly descriptive of the Dominican Republic. The picture certainly brings back some good memories of the times I was there. It is a land of contrasts, and that makes it interesting. The blue sky and the vibrant green vegetation does provide a color feast for the eyes.
    Now, I am craving an avocado salad, or perhaps a glass of cool passion fruit juice!!! wow, delicious!!!

  • kim says:

    it sounds like paradise to me. coconut body wash, avocado salad, mango – three of my favorite things!
    XXX, Kim

  • This is great reading, I'm glad I found your blog.

  • veronica says:

    i really, like the photo of the DR, I hope to visit one day!!! This was a nice read. :) This is my first time reading you blog and I noticed that one of your favorite book series is: twilight!!! Mine too!! :)