Just Like Me

Wednesday, January 6, 2010 § 2

Black describes me.
My moods, my personality.
Black is a color that everyone likes.
Black is subtle,
Not too flashy, not too boring.
Black is power, authority.
Black moves like air.
Close your eyes, it's everywhere.
Black is nonchalant.
Black's carefree.
Nothing phases this color.
Black's hard as steel.

Black is my best friend.
Because we're just alike,
Plain, basic, understated,
Unlike a red or orange or yellow.
We don't brighten up a room.
We bring a coolness
That can't be produced by another.

Stone-faced is our expression.
Relaxed is our mood,
Our state of mind.
We stand alone,
But we can mix
With all people, all colors

Lawan Mitchell, age 16

This is a poem from the book I am currently reading as you can see on the sidebar. I absolutely love it. The comparisons, the vocabulary, the descriptions are all so entertaining. It is fascinating how a color can say so much; how just a color can mean so much. Sometimes, I feel like I'm in a black mood and it is comforting to see that someone else out there understands exactly how I feel, and could describe my mood better than I possibly can. There are many more interesting poems in this book, but for now I hope you enjoy this one.

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