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This was supposed to be a quick post...

Wednesday, June 30, 2010 § 2

Hi! So this is my first non-poem post. It feels pretty cool, letting everyone into my life. It's "late" for most people now, but usually at 12 the night is just beginning for me. I'm really tired right now though because I slept over my best friend Julie's house. "Slept over" is not really an appropriate term seeing as how we pulled an all nighter and spent the night doing silly things and laughing most of the time. I have terrible insomnia so it wasn't so hard. This afternoon I slept for about three hours on my couch until my little 6 year old brother woke me up. I swear I fall asleep on my couch more than I do in my bed. The most annoying part of that is waking up and having to move to my bed, because I have to walk up a big set of stairs. (Teenage complaints and laziness, I know.) Anyways, back to the I should be sleeping. Normally, I'd go to bed around 4AM since it is summer and I can wake up whenever, but tomorrow I have to wake up at 8:30AM because my mother owns a school, and lucky me, she has a teacher meeting all day so who gets to watch fifteen screaming 3 and 4 year olds from 10AM till 5PM? ME! Oh joy! (sarcasm) Luckily, Julio (my guy best friend) is coming and he is very tolerant of my bad moods. His mom is my mother's employee, and they've been friends since kindergarten so I get to see him often.
I'm in a really good mood right now though, because I might watch Eclipse with my older brother (16), Julio, and another friend on Friday! I absolutely adore Robert Pattinson!! Also, I bought my AP English summer reading books tonight which are 50 Essays: A portable anthology by Samuel Cohen, The Elements of Style by Strunk and White, and 1000 Most Important Words by Norman Schur. I have to pick five essays out of the first book, write notes about them, and email my teacher the notes for an essay I'll write next school year. I know it may seem weird that I'm excited to begin, but I'm weird haha. It feels like just yesterday I started high school, and now I'm going to be a junior. Two years left till college, so excited! Well my mom just came into the room and began the "when you're tired tomorrow morning don't blame me, because I told you to go to bed early" speech so goodnight or good morning I guess to everyone!

Signing off,

P.S. There's a poem I really want to share with you guys, so I'll be doing that tomorrow.


Monday, June 28, 2010 § 2

So, it's late and I'm sitting on my couch thinking about going upstairs to my room to get my little green poetry notebook so I can share a poem I've really been wanting to lately. My teenage laziness has gotten the best of me though.
I have been thinking that I really want to start posting about my days or stories I have as well as my usual poems. I think that when I grow up, and look back upon this blog I want to read about turning points in my life, and this new stage I'm going through with finding friends having recently lost my best friend of two years to a girl who shares a more similar life style (showing up to school two days a week, drinking every weekend, a new hookup every week) to my ex best friend, and after a few months of "solitary confinement" (aka coming home after school because I didn't have anyone to spend time with) finding an amazing friend that shares much more in common with me. I always feel kind of creepy when I'm reading blogs on people's lives because they don't know me, and here I am reading about their most personal experiences and secrets, so I decided I want my lovely readers to know a bit more about me. I want to look back on this blog in the future and laugh at my ridiculous thoughts and times with friends I may not remember.

What do you guys think?

Signing off,

Fantasy World

Wednesday, June 23, 2010 § 2

Let's lay down together
I just want to be close to you
I'll get passed your prickly beard
I'll make sure to smell nice
Will you mind my tough skin worn from those endless nights sewing?
Will you kiss me gently?
If only this was real

P.S. I realize this is not really so good, but I wrote it within minutes in a class of mine. School has been over for a week so it's kind of old.

Signing off,

Last minute!

Friday, June 11, 2010 § 5

So I'm entering a contest made by a lovely friend, Sanchez from The Inky Finger Files to be a writer for this really cool blog called We Just Don't Know You Yet and here are my entries. They are based on pictures we had to choose from. I really couldn't choose. Maybe you lovely readers can help me? Unfortunately, the contest ends today, but I'd still love to hear your opinions.

Option #1

Don't bother working up a sweat, it's for nothing.

I wish we could all run away in pretty frilly dresses
I wish we could all look graceful while doing so
Who am I kidding?
The streets crumble beneath me everytime I try
The problems are still here waiting for my return
Zoom in on the facts and they're still in little black print on my desk
Is it wrong to want what is unattainable?
No, but it's completely pointless
Might as well give up, and slowly crawl through the storm because it's gonna come at me eventually

Option #2

Letter to you, because I wish for the best.

Dear little girl,
Do you see that out there? It's your future.
Don't mind the crumbling edges of the buildings,
your future won't be perfect. It will crumble
every once in a while. Nobodys future is perfect.
Only you can make it better. Only you can decide
what to do with it. It may look gloomy and gray,
and maybe it will be. You have to mold it to your
liking. Really it never ends up that way. I'm not so
much a pessimist as I am a realist. You'll see that
later on in life. Till then I wish you good luck.
Good luck with guys; with school; with your parents.
Trust me, they won't be so easy once you're a
teenager. You're life can be everything you want it
to be, if only you don't let it lead you.

Signing off,

As doubt sets in...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 § 4

My teachers always tell me I shouldn't use contractions
I just can't help it
My parents tell me to do well in school
I just can't focus
I want to do well
I want to get far in life
What is holding me back?
Why can't I fully perform?
Am I destined to be mediocre; average?
Isn't there a saying that says we can achieve anything as long as we set our minds to it?
So why doesn't that apply to me?
I want to be unique
I want to make a difference
But why does it feel as though I'm just a bug on a windowsill destined to die?

Thank you so much to all my new (and old) followers. You guys inspire me to keep writing.
Signing off,