As doubt sets in...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010 § 4

My teachers always tell me I shouldn't use contractions
I just can't help it
My parents tell me to do well in school
I just can't focus
I want to do well
I want to get far in life
What is holding me back?
Why can't I fully perform?
Am I destined to be mediocre; average?
Isn't there a saying that says we can achieve anything as long as we set our minds to it?
So why doesn't that apply to me?
I want to be unique
I want to make a difference
But why does it feel as though I'm just a bug on a windowsill destined to die?

Thank you so much to all my new (and old) followers. You guys inspire me to keep writing.
Signing off,

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§ 4 Response to “As doubt sets in...”

  • Barry says:

    Wow honey, so many questions! I think only you can answer them, but keep in mind you're young and have time to figure these things out.

    I remember being your age and wishing I could just snap my fingers and work it all out. But this is all part of your journey in discovering who you are.

    You absolutely CAN achieve whatever you set your mind to. It applies to you, always believe that.

    I've just posted something. I hope you'll find it interesting, because you partly inspired me to write it!

  • Great poem. This is exactly how I felt in high school. It's easy to feel so insignificant and overwhelmed when there is so much pressure...

  • thanks for your reaction, my dear :D
    I've just done my French exam, I think I passed it well.
    A lot of a succus with yours!
    Je sais, le français n'est pas très simple. :p
    Mais j'aime mieux étudier les langues que les sciences. Vous me comprenez?
    But I've to study right now, again...
    Bye bye!

    ps: where do you live?

  • Barry says:

    Sophia thanks so much for your comment on "How I Write", you're too sweet. I'm glad you got something from it!