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Friday, June 11, 2010 § 5

So I'm entering a contest made by a lovely friend, Sanchez from The Inky Finger Files to be a writer for this really cool blog called We Just Don't Know You Yet and here are my entries. They are based on pictures we had to choose from. I really couldn't choose. Maybe you lovely readers can help me? Unfortunately, the contest ends today, but I'd still love to hear your opinions.

Option #1

Don't bother working up a sweat, it's for nothing.

I wish we could all run away in pretty frilly dresses
I wish we could all look graceful while doing so
Who am I kidding?
The streets crumble beneath me everytime I try
The problems are still here waiting for my return
Zoom in on the facts and they're still in little black print on my desk
Is it wrong to want what is unattainable?
No, but it's completely pointless
Might as well give up, and slowly crawl through the storm because it's gonna come at me eventually

Option #2

Letter to you, because I wish for the best.

Dear little girl,
Do you see that out there? It's your future.
Don't mind the crumbling edges of the buildings,
your future won't be perfect. It will crumble
every once in a while. Nobodys future is perfect.
Only you can make it better. Only you can decide
what to do with it. It may look gloomy and gray,
and maybe it will be. You have to mold it to your
liking. Really it never ends up that way. I'm not so
much a pessimist as I am a realist. You'll see that
later on in life. Till then I wish you good luck.
Good luck with guys; with school; with your parents.
Trust me, they won't be so easy once you're a
teenager. You're life can be everything you want it
to be, if only you don't let it lead you.

Signing off,

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§ 5 Response to “Last minute!”

  • Barry says:

    I'm in love with the second one, there's a lot of wisdom there. Perhaps I'm also drawn to it because it's more hopeful than the first. Well done.

  • Barry says:

    Sophia, this is in response to your last comment. I decided yesterday that I want to follow your writing more closely. I express myself through my written work, I see this very much in you as well. You have a passion for writing and I've watched you and your compositions mature since we met.

    I don't profess to be an expert; I write simply because I have a love for it. But if you ever want to run ideas by me I'll be more than happy to work with you and help you out as you need. I enjoy your writing, and it inspires me more than you may think. :)

  • I want to be doing that right now, running in a pretty dress.

  • They were both so fantastic! There's a writer in you already.