Me, my small not so mysterious self anymore, and I

Saturday, February 6, 2010 § 1

So there I was... sitting and looking outside my window watching the snow fall- touching the ground ever so lightly- and thinking "my followers don't know much about me..." So here I am now, writing a post on me, myself, and I for all you to read. My name is actually Alexandra, Alex for short. Online I am Sophia because I figured my middle name should be used for something. Please still address me by Sophia because I love it :) I am a high school sophomore- the youngest in my class. I am ahead a grade which means unfortunately I can't drive with even a permit until I'm a senior. Recently I was composing a health project which requested I write 8 of the life long goals I would like to achieve. I would like to share those goals with you so you can learn a little bit more about me.

1. I would love to go skydiving

2. To attend Harvard University has been my dream since as long as I can remember

3. I would like to move out by the age of 20 and live in an apartment in Boston- only 25 minutes away from home.

4. I would love to learn to cook (my current cooking range includes making macaroni and canned soups)

5. I want to become a pediatrician or a brain surgeon (the second option is only if I decide I have the stomach to handle it)

6. I want to get married (doesn't every girl?)

7. I want to collect art pieces for when I have a home to put them in (I have recently become interested very much in art)

8. I want to travel the world- Argentina is at the top of the list because I am Dominican and Argentinian yet I have never been to Argentina

My family is most important. Currently I am going through a no real friends period which I'm trying to get out of soon. There is a boy I really like, and unfortunately I don't know if he likes me back. We share many of the same interests and have similar personalities so maybe something will happen on Valentines Day? Let's hope so! The picture up above is of me and my two cousins whom I love so much, but unfortunately I don't get to see often because of their being away at college. As you will probably recognize on the left is Aquiles from Minute by Minute; in the middle is me, and to the right is Aquiles' sister. I hope you've learned more about me, and when you read my poems you actually know who you're reading them from.

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§ 1 Response to “Me, my small not so mysterious self anymore, and I”

  • Sophia,

    You have my respect forever. Day after day you continue to find yourself as a writer, making your way to high levels of literary sophistication.

    I love how you want to get married, you are such a girl, and collect art pieces. You and me share so much in common. I particularly love vintage art and would love to collect some with you. Let's plan it for the summer.

    You have a lot of potential to meet every single one of your goals.

    Con aprecio,