It can only get from bad to worse

Monday, February 1, 2010 § 3

It's over.
I realize why it didn't end sooner,
I didn't want to let go.
I didn't want to see the real you,
The side you didn't hide with a lie-
The side you kept to yourself.
I have finally seen the ugly you,
The you with a heart of ice
Melting all hopes of friendship.
I saw the side where you selflessly spat your flames,
The side where you burned whoever found out.
Your dirty dragon scales reflecting your personality.
I just want you to know-
It's over.

Dedicated to the end of my friendship with the (ex)best friend.
Signing off,

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§ 3 Response to “It can only get from bad to worse”

  • I also like to release anger through the use of words--writing. Very thoughtful. I hope it has ended for real now. Will be awkward at the lunch table?

  • kim says:

    Hello Sophia,

    Thank you for all your kind comments and the nomination.
    Ending a friendship can be painful, but sometimes it's necessary.
    Hope all is well with you in your island paradise!
    XXX, Kim

  • Wow...I can really relate to this poem. I truly believe breaking up with a best friend is way worse than any break up with a guy. It's like losing a piece of your soul, especially if the person turns out to be someone you realize you never really knew...
    so sad.

    I love your writing!