And when there are footprints, there's always a track

Friday, February 19, 2010 § 5

Welcome change
Enter the doors of my heart; of my mind; my room
Leave your mark in bright colors
Inspire me to expand my thoughts
Motivate me to see diversity
Bring with you the feeling of new
Help me to walk away my comfort spot
With this, I welcome you change

*I am truly enjoying my new room which I have recently cleaned, painted, and rearranged.

Signing off,

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§ 5 Response to “And when there are footprints, there's always a track”

  • AVY says:

    Hey, thank you so much for the award! I'm sorry for the late answer, I don't check my e-mail often enough.... hugs and kisses.

  • Hello Sophia, I was browsing through The Trendy Dwarf and saw the post on the "Remodeling Project" and then proceeded to make a comment. You will see it there, and I thought appropriate to leave a comment here in your own blog too, so here I am.
    I believe that after those many years of solid plain color walls, reviving the room with vibrant colors in a very unique and creative design was a wonderful idea. It gives me tremendous pleasure to see the high level of imagination and ideas that you are displaying in everything you do!!!
    It is very true young lady that "when there are footprints, there is always a track", and in this particular case, I would add that "footprints that are so colorful are a sure way to a successful and bright future". Love you all with all my heart.

  • I just made an award for the first time in my blog's history. Lol. It is called "theTrendyDwarves Award" and I decided to nominate YOU! Please go check it out and I would appreciate it if you posted on it and passed it on. Thank you and congratulations!
    check out my trendy blog!

  • Oh how cute!! Your room looks awesome and you did such a great job redecorating it! Those multi-colored footprints were a great idea. :)

  • What a great idea, I love your room. It looks awesome.