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Wednesday, September 15, 2010 § 1

Hi friends! I have had blogging on my mind for a week now, but I haven't had the time! I know... a 15 year old without time? I started a new school this year because the town where my old school is does not care about money for education therefore the school was going to be unaccredited. This has been a HUGE transition and new phase in my life. The schools cannot be any more different. My old school has 600 teenagers, and my new school has 2100 teenagers. Going from having one tiny crowded building to having two ginormous buildings makes me feel as if I'm working out on a gym treadmill everyday just by walking from class to class in different buildings. I do love my classes though! They are amazing! I'm taking: The Art of Writing, Anatomy and Physiology, US History 2, French 3, Chemistry, English 3, and Algebra 2& Trigonometry. All my classes except math are honors classes and today has been the first time I am not plagued by homework, and therefore I am blogging! I have to say that my favorite classes are the first three. The Art of Writing is awesome! I have to keep a journal of poetry, fiction stories, or simply random things I feel the need to write about. Today was the first day we had to share one of our journal entries, and I shared my "Perfection: Never achieved" poem, and I was so shocked and happy that everyone truly enjoyed it. I had such great positive feedback. I also appreciate all the feedback everyone on here comments. It really makes my day. I am so critical on my writing, and I never feel it's really that good because for some reason I can't grip the fact that people think I'm a good writer so when all of you wonderful readers comment on my work, even give me constructive criticism I really appreciate it. I do want to say that my three week vacation was awesome. I LOVE the Dominican Republic, and I miss when I lived there. I am terribly sad about being separated from my cousin Lorena because we are basically twins considering she's only a month older than I am. How am I supposed to deal being separated from my twin?! Anyways, I'll end this post now because I don't want to bore you with a useless ramble, but I will say that I'm going to be catching up on your blogs soon!

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  • Oh transitions, my dear, transitions. Transitioning through life, from one school to the next, is always hard. However, transitions also make our lives so diverse and well-rounded. Transitions give us multiple memories and events that allow us to see life and understand the world from many perspectives, from the point of views of those who have resided where we have gone to. Seeing the world from many sides is a skill that make us stronger.