Perfection: never achieved

Friday, August 27, 2010 § 5

It's so hard to hide the disappointment when you finally must admit to yourself that you are not equal, in fact, you are inferior.
All that runs through my mind are strategies to achieve perfection.
I will never be as smart, skinny, or happy as you, so why even try?
You have everything: money, a boy, a beautiful body.
Maybe I'm being a bit materialistic, but isn't this a materialistic world after all?

Signing off,

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§ 5 Response to “Perfection: never achieved”

  • Anonymous says:

    wow. great words.

  • Barry says:


    Sophia, everyone of us can find someone who can make us feel inferior when we compare ourselves to them. But you'll also find that you have qualities they don't have which make you unique.

    The world is as we see it. Yes many people are materialistic but you don't have to be this way unless you somehow feel a need to keep up. The most important things in life aren't what you have, but who you are.

    You're a wonderful, special person. Please don't ever stop believing that.


  • Hi Sophia. Personally I've yet to see any evidence in life that perfection exists at all, and thank God for that; the world is a far more interesting place without it.

  • returning to blogging seems to much more joyfull when I know you're still here. Thank you a thousand times for your sweet words. I love your writing, you amaze me.

  • Wow. You have no idea how much I can relate to this poem/statement.

    These feelings of jealousy and "acceptance" always crop up in life, no matter how old or mature we get. It's just human nature. I have a friend who is super gorgeous and sometimes I find myself "accepting" that I'm the plain one standing next to her. I have another friend who is being promoted in our profession and I have "accepted" that I will simply never be as good. It's hard.

    But you know what, even though we feel this way, it's not true.

    We are pretty and smart and creative and amazing in our own way. And I bet those girls are jealous of us for certain things they will never have and we just have no idea! It's the weird cycle of human nature.

    I think you are pretty freaking awesome and I think you are an insanely talented writer. :)