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Wednesday, July 21, 2010 § 0

I'm back! Probably not that exciting, but I'm excited to tell you about my trip and my lovely two weeks with my cousin. I went to Nantucket, off the coast of Massachusetts where I live, for vacation to see my cousin who I only see once a year during the summer. Her name is Lorena and she's only a month older than me. It really sucks that she lives in the Dominican Republic and I only see her once a year although we talk all the time because we're so alike almost like twins. Luckily she travels to the United States during vacations to visit her mom since she lives with her dad.
Anyways, the first day was full of surprises and getting lost. I was picked up from the ferry port, and met my new baby cousin. She's absolutely adorable. We got lost on the way back to the house my aunt was renting. My aunt was driving in circles trying to read the map for about an hour until she finally recognized something. While home, I changed out of my sweaty clothing because damn it's hot in Nantucket. Also, another thing is that EVERYONE in Nantucket wears sunglasses. It's like a shield against the extremely bright sun. So after changing and retouching my hair Lorena and I headed into town. We took the bus, and let me tell you, all the bus stops look the same: just a pole and a bench. My cousin and I were completely clueless about anything in Nantucket so once we got off the bus, we were aimlessly wandering around having no idea where we were. Another fact about Nantucket is that everyone is amazingly good looking and so thin! Grandmothers, mothers, girls, guys, grandfathers: everyone is thin. Lorena and I were rating guys all day and hoping to muster some courage to talk to some, but we were feeling terribly shy. After two hours of exploring and picture taking we tried finding the bus station... for an hour. Finally we found it and got on the bus. After getting on we realized neither of us knew our bus stop. The lady at the bus station said it was one of the stops near the end of the route. Near the end, I saw a stop that resembled the one we got on at earlier and I told my cousin. The conversation went like this:

Me: I think this is the stop, let's get off and if not we should just wait for the next bus.
Lorena: No, this isn't the one. Let's check the next one.
Bus keeps going. Lorena's face changes to a shocked "whoops" expression.
Lorena: We just passed the house....

We had to get off at the next stop and walk about a mile back to the house. We never forgot our bus stop again.

During the rest of my trip, Lorena and I went to town almost everyday, we went to the beach, we went to restaurants, we took a million pictures, we drank a lot of wine and vodka and overall had such a great time. I think the only thing that possibly ruined some of my time was my low self esteem. It sucks to have a low self esteem, but I just don't measure up to beautiful people.
Anyways, Lorena came back to my small town with me for three days because she hadn't been here since she was eight. After picking us up, my family took Lorena and I out to eat. My little sister is terrible at keeping secrets, and she kept whispering to my little brother so I knew something was up. Once arriving home everyone followed Lorena and I to my room and to my surprise, my mom had COMPLETELY redone my room to compliment the walls I painted with Julio back in February. I am one of those people that are obsessed with colors in comparison to black or white or cream, and my mom redid my room to be so freaking colorful so I was jumping and screaming like many teenage girls do. Now I love spending time reading in my room. Well for the three days Lorena was at my house, Julio slept over and we went to Boston, the mall, and pulled all nighters every night. I also learned to solve a Rubik's Cube!! I feel pretty accomplished. Lorena left yesterday morning, and I've been feeling terrible nostalgia ever since. I might be traveling to the Dominican Republic with my family though in a couple weeks because I haven't been there in two years practically since I moved back from there. Let's hope that happens... On a last note, I have written a few poems that I will be sharing soon. This post has been wicked long already, so I'll leave you with some pictures.

This was in Boston with some street performers.

Showing off a random car in Nantucket

Lorena solving her new Rubik's Cube.

Lorena sipping a mango smoothie.

Sipping my lemon strawberry smoothie :)

My new room.
Signing off,

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